Jane, there when you're not.

Jane's smart solution makes it possible for seniors living alone to live independently at home for longer, with or without professional help, but always in maximum safety. 

With the combination of motion sensors, alarm buttons and the handy Jane app, you always know how things are going while your parents, grandparents, ... enjoy life safely in the comfort of their own homes.

Straight to business

You can easily install Jane by yourself, step by step while following instructions on the Jane app, without any wiring, tools nor screws. All you need is an internet connection.

Always up to date

Thanks to the Jane app, you know at any time how the senior is doing. In addition, historical data is also stored so you can recognize patterns of behavior yourself.

You're not alone

Is the care becoming too heavy to carry alone? Then you can easily integrate Jane with home nursing or an assisted living facility, for example.


A unique way to care.

Jane is more than an alarm button. The sensors collect information that you can view in the Jane app, but smart software is also going to interpret this information and mold it into behavioral patterns. 

Does Jane notice any deviations or anomalies in these patterns? Then everyone in the care circle will receive a notification via the Jane app with more information, so that you, and other carers, can take action quickly.

In addition, each member of the care circle can also set the situations in which they would like to receive a notification.

What is in the Jane kit?

Motion sensors

Every kit comes with 6 motion sensors, with their sleek design, they will be hardly noticeable by the elderly, but they'll always keep an eye on them. 

Alarm buttons

Every kit comes with 3 buttons. That way, the elderly can always warn, directly, if something were to happen to them. 

Jane hub

The Jane hub collects and centralizes all the data gathered by the sensors, it can then send it to the App. 


No pictures, 100% privacy

The sensors only detect motion and temperature. They do not have a camera and therefore cannot take pictures nor record sound. However, they do check for movement in certain rooms, at certain times.  

Checking to see if your grandmother has left the bedroom yet? See if your father has been in the kitchen today? Grab your smartphone, open the app and you're instantly reassured - without violating their privacy.


Have a talk about Jane.

Don't take any chances. Discuss the benefits of Jane with your elderly using our comprehensive brochure.


We noticed that it strengthened our bond as a family.”

Henri's grandmother is still very active and enjoys working in the garden. The fact that she can still live at home thanks to Jane is a great added value for her and her family.

How do I create a rule? How can I add a family member? We'll help you answer any question!

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