So much more than an alarm button

Jane is a future-oriented care solution that combines alarm buttons, care rules and pattern recognition. In doing so, we reduce the workload of caregivers and increase the safety of care recipients - both inside and outside the walls of healthcare institutions.

No unexpected costs

Jane is a wireless plug-and-play solution that you can install yourself if you want to. No infrastructure work is required and everything is managed in the cloud.

Made for caring

Jane offers a solution tailored to each situation, for both inpatient and outpatient care projects - without placing additional burden on care teams.


Jane can be easily linked to other systems via a standard open API, providing an integrated, future-proof solution for sustainable elderly care.


New: Two-Way Communication System

Jane goes next level in caregiving. On top of the clever combination of motion sensors, alarm buttons and the handy Jane app, we are now adding a convenient Two-Way Communication System.



  • 24/7 at ease
  • No need to pick up the phone
  • A connection to a care center is possible

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Everyone is much more at ease thanks to Jane. Our team and our residents.”

Seniors' residence Meulenberg was looking for an alternative to their existing alarm buttons. Jane offered them an all-in-one solution with a future-proof and innovative vision.

Every day, our partners rely on Jane as a personal alarm system


Also for home.

Helping your parents, grandparents, and anyone who might need supervision or help to live independently at home for as long as possible? With Jane, you can.