Never alone, always at ease

Jane goes next level in caregiving. On top of the clever combination of motion sensors, alarm buttons and the handy Jane app, we are now adding a convenient Two-Way Communication System.


Alarm button

Functional design


With the caregiver or a care center

100% at ease

In realtime

How does the Two-Way Communication System work?


The function of the alarm button
The senior experiences a health issue and presses the alarm button.


After the action, communication follows
Immediately, a notification is sent to the care circle. When the caregiver is not available, the notification is sent to a care center. The care center can start a conversation without the senior having to take any action (picking up the handset is not necessary) to better assess the incident.

It is also possible to send the alert immediately to the care center. 


100% at ease
Even without an alarm button, you can be 100% at ease. Thanks to smart notifications and a real-time well-being status, you always know how the senior is doing. More than that, you are also alerted if they can no longer push the alarm button. Through these well-being insights, you can take even better care of the senior and shift from a reactive to a proactive care solution.




We noticed that it strengthened our bond as a family.”

Henri's grandmother is still very active and enjoys working in the garden. The fact that she can still live at home thanks to Jane is a great added value for her and her family.


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