Remain longer at home, always at ease.

Jane helps elderly people living alone who wish to stay longer in the comfort of their own homes. For their comfort, but also their families'

For your elderly loved ones

At home, safe and independent

Jane allows seniors living alone to enjoy the comfort of their homes longer, with peace of mind.

For their loved ones

Always reassured

Thanks to the Jane App, all family members are reassured to know that their elderly loved one is well.

Simple and discrete

Jane is easy to use, just set it up and forget about it

Jane's setup is quick and easy. The sensors and alarm buttons can easily be placed in the elderly's home without the need to drill or hammer in any nails. Follow the instructions in the Jane app to start the setup.


Set up the Jane sensors and the Hub

Follow the instructions in the app! You can place the sensors discreetly and easily in the house without drilling or hitting your nails.


Set up your custom alerts

The app allows you to set up your own notifications and alerts for activities (or lack thereof) you deem important for you to be updated about.


Give Jane some time to "get to know" your elderly

Jane's smart technology uses AI to recognize patterns in activity and get to know your older person better.


Jane keeps you updated and warns you if need be

Jane collects all the information from the sensors and reports to you and your family members through the app. If Jane notices anything unusual, you will be notified with more information and will be able to take action.

Remain longer at home, always at ease

Preserve your freedom and independence. Affordable and discreet


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