Know they're doing well, anywhere and anytime.

Jane opens up a new world for elderly care. The interplay of alarm buttons, motion sensors, and artificial intelligence make Jane a unique solution that allows caregivers to monitor their elders.

The #1 professional care solution

Jane is the first healthcare technology that you can install yourself. Everything is completely wireless and no major infrastructure work is needed.

Always up to date

In the Jane app you get an overview of all residents, rooms, flats, ... at a glance and you decide when notifications are sent and which actions to take.

Assemble your care circle

Create a specific care circle for every resident. In this care circle you can add colleagues, but also family or friends of the senior. 

A unique combination of alerts.

Jane is more than a simple alarm button. It is a smart solution that virtually has no limits in terms of monitoring. You compose your own care environment, choose in which situations you want to receive notifications, and determine to whom and how these notifications are sent. There's more, the Jane-kit can be adapted to the specific care needs of each and every resident so that the system evolves over time with that person.

Allow seniors to enjoy life in an autonomous and safe environnement.

The Jane sensors only detect motion and temperature. They do not have a camera and therefore cannot take pictures or record audio.

However, the sensors do check for movement in certain rooms, at certain times. Does Jane notice anything unusual? If so,  you will receive a notification.

That way, the behavior of your residents is perfectly monitored without infringing on their privacy, and they can enjoy life in complete safety.


The future of elderly care

The healthcare sector is facing tremendous challenges. The aging of the population is steadily increasing, which inevitably means a rise in demand for specific care for the elderly. A demand to which the current care model offers no answer - neither in Belgium nor elsewhere in Europe.

That is why we are helping to build a future-proof care solution, without physical walls. Such a solution supports the concept of residential care zones in which we create an ecosystem between all the parties at home, but also in care institutions so that Jane can help to care for people in need anywhere and at any time.


Everyone is much more at ease with Jane. Our team and our residents.”

Seniors' residence Meulenberg was looking for an alternative to their existing alarm buttons. Jane offered them an all-in-one solution with a future-proof and innovative vision.