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Jane creates a new world for elderly care

The European healthcare sector will face tremendous challenges in the coming years. The COVID-19 crisis, due to which more and more care institutions had to close their doors, has only intensified the need for innovative models and future-proof solutions for the care sector.

An aging population means more demand for care. Plain and simple. For example, the number of people over 65 has increased by more than 20% in recent years. As a result, in 2027 their share in Flanders will reach 23% of the population (Statistics Flanders). Not only in Belgium but nowhere in Europe, lies an answer to this question within the current care models. As a result, elderly people with a light care requirement will, in time, no longer qualify for a stay in an elderly care facility. In the years to come, people with a more serious need for care will therefore have to remain longer at home.


Home, sweet home?

The fact that people prefer to remain in their own homes is a fact that has been known for some time now. 86.3% of senior citizens are thinking about services that could assist them with their wish to remain independently at home when they will become older. Even more so than in 2017, the comfort of their own home remains the preferred option for an overwhelming majority of them, even if one can no longer live completely independently. 36% of seniors prefer to continue living at home with professional help from either a home nursing or with the help of at-home care during the day, 27% would stay at home longer with the help of electronic aids and 15% would remain during the day with the help of family or friends. It should therefore come as no surprise that Dominique Beelen (CEO Senior Living Group), from the elderly care sector, is sounding the alarm: "70% say they never want to go to a nursing home, which is quite a shock."

Then what?

It is becoming clear that there is a need for innovative models in the Belgian elderly care sector, and by extension, the entire elderly care system in Europe, a system in which, care at a distance plays an increasingly important role. Already now, we are moving from a rigid system - care in a residential care home or at home - to more hybrid forms of care, in which we no longer see care institutions as isolated buildings, but as residential care zones. In this case, the care institution operates as an integrated part of society with care outside of its own walls.


Hello Jane!

We want to develop this idea with Jane - always with the utmost respect for personal privacy. Through the unique combination of motion sensors, alarm buttons, and artificial intelligence, Jane can actively relieve your care staff and allow seniors to enjoy life autonomously yet in a safe environment. In a hybrid care model with extramural care, Jane can provide support as a smart care solution for all parties involved, both at home and in care institutions, and every step in between. A senior living at home can be supported by Jane, with family or friends as caregivers. If the senior presses the alarm button or Jane notices something unusual (based on a pattern or care rule), the care group receives a notification via smartphone with more information, so that action can be taken quickly. If that becomes too heavy, Jane can also be linked to all existing forms of care provision: Family doctor, home care nurse, residential care center, hospital, etc. They also receive notifications via any communication system, so that they do not have to change their habits. That way, connections are already being made with a professional environment and all parties form a close community around the senior. And since Jane can be integrated very easily without infrastructure works, there is no limit. That way, an ecosystem can be created between all parties so that Jane can help care for people anywhere, anytime.

Is it time for a care model without walls?

Do you want your organization to grow outside its walls? Without making concessions to the quality of care or increase work pressure? That is possible with Jane. Jane supports your team both in your care facility and in the homes of senior citizens, but also with every step in between. Thanks to the unique combination of sensors, digital alarm buttons, and our unique, central platform made integrable thanks to our own API, we integrate effortlessly into your operation.

Interested in what we can do for you? Contact Thomas Tyteca on+32 (0)465 12 18 89 or connect with him on Linkedin.