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Jane, five times more than an alarm button.

With a personal alarm system (PAS), help is always close. With one simple push of a button, you are in contact with a care provider. Often, these care solutions consist of one or more alarm buttons, but this gives a false sense of security. Just think of how many times you forget to take something with you, imagine how easy it would be to forget about an alarm button. At Jane, we believe we can do better. Discover in this blog five reasons why Jane is so much more than an alarm button.

1. Jane also has an alarm button, but it's so much more.

Through the unique combination of multiple alarm buttons, motion sensors, and a user-friendly app that connects all the elements, we created a care solution that combines the control of a classic care system with the security of a future-oriented system based on care rules - "If Marcel hasn't been in the kitchen by 10 o'clock, I want to receive a notification." and abnormal patterns of behavior. All these notifications - instant, intelligent and tailor-made - are effortlessly integrated into any communication system or care circuit. So that it becomes nearly impossible to miss a notification, even in case of loss of consciousness or when they forget to carry an alarm button with them at all times.


2. With Jane, you combine a 24/7 overview with insights over a longer period of time.

A senior's activity can be viewed at any time via our dashboards on a smartphone or tablet. This insight into the activity within individual rooms or service flats also means no more unnecessary room visits. This does not only increases the efficiency of the care staff and their time management, but it also protects the privacy of the senior citizen.

It goes without saying that privacy is of paramount importance to us. To that extent, Jane is developed with the greatest attention to privacy. The Jane sensors only detect movement and temperature. They do not have a camera and therefore cannot make images or record sound. It's just zeroes and ones.

3. With Jane, evolve into a well-being monitoring system

Jane analyses the senior's activity on a daily basis. Thanks to these comprehensive insights into the senior's habits, we also map out his well-being. When did he wake up? Are there more toilet visits than usual? Is he, or she, moving less than expected? In this way, we discover possible problems, and even deeper medical problems, more quickly. And as a care provider, you immediately have the necessary insights to start the conversation with the care recipient, his family, or other professional care providers.

4. With Jane, you can grow outside of your facility.

With Jane, you are making a choice towards a smart care solution that has virtually no limits. The Jane kit can easily be adapted to the specific care needs of each and every resident so that the system evolves over time with them. There's more, Jane supports the concept of residential care zones, in which we create an ecosystem between all parties (caretaker, family, neighbors, or care providers) in care institutions, and equally well at home, so that Jane can help with care and peace of mind, wherever and whenever it is needed. Want to know more? Read more about it in our white paper "Jane, the future of elder care".


5. With Jane, there's no need to plan for infrastructure projects.

The full Jane package comes with everything: hub, sensors, alarm buttons, tablet, all installation supplies... Everything is included. We offer a monthly billing system, a "pause" service, and integration options with existing systems. We like to think along with you about how we can meet your specific needs but also, how we can grow along with the care needs of the residents.

Would you like to install the system yourself? No problem, that is possible. You can install the Jane kit without any other infrastructure work, no wires to drag along, no holes in the wall.

In this way, Jane not only increases security at any time regardless of the location - inside and/or outside the walls of your care facility. The future-oriented set-up also gives a more modern look to every residence it's installed in. 

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