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Why Jane is an indispensable technology for today's caretaker and -giver

Taking responsibility for someone in need of care is not easy - not for professionals, not for informal carers. Moreover, the European care landscape is facing tough challenges. That is why we are helping to build a care model that supports carers as much as possible in their task of caring. Read below why Jane is an indispensable technology for today's caretaker and -giver.

A setup according to the care model without walls

Jane's technology is already anticipating tomorrow's care model. We are increasingly moving towards a care model without walls, where care facilities are no longer seen as isolated buildings, but as residential care zones. These zones are an integrated part of society with care provided outside their four walls. 

In this model with extramural care, Jane - as smart technology - offers support to all parties involved, both at home and in care institutions, and every step in between. In this way, our system can be linked to all existing forms of care provision and an ecosystem is created between all parties, whereby Jane can help relieve pressure wherever and whenever it is needed.

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Much more than the classic personal alarm system

Jane is so much more than the classic personal alarm system; so much more than an alarm button. An alarm button always requires the user to take action. But what if that person is unable to press the button? Through a combination of sensors, care rules and artificial intelligence, Jane does not require action at all.

On top of that, we are also transforming the way care is provided. We are not focusing purely on providing care, but on creating a care network in which well-being is of paramount importance. 

In this way, we also want to promote the codependency of senior citizens and their environment. Read more about it in our article “From care dependence to self-reliance and codependency“.

Benefits for each party

Healthcare professionals get a better overview of their patients with Jane. Planning becomes easier, work becomes more efficient and the quality of the care itself improves. Moreover, each organisation determines for itself which actors are linked to Jane.

With Jane, end users have the opportunity to live in their own environment for as long as possible. They retain their social role and freedom, which only enhances their well-being. All this happens without requiring drastic changes in the senior's life and without them having to wear a wearable, such as an alarm button.

Finally, for the care circle, Jane offers useful insights 24/7 to everyone in the circle. Because the AI develops patterns, risks can be predicted more easily, which promotes prevention. Moreover, the senior's care is shared, which can be a great relief for the care circle.

Not a choice, but a necessity

An increasingly elderly population inevitably means an increased demand for care for the elderly. However, due to this increase, elderly people with a mild demand for care will eventually no longer qualify for a stay in a care facility, and people with a more severe demand for care will also have to continue living at home.

So we need to work towards a more sustainable care model that meets our changing society. In this sense, Jane's technology is no longer even a choice, but a necessity within the framework of a sustainable care model.

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