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Just a few more steps and Jane will be taking care of your elderly loved one really soon!


Which conditions are to be respected in order to use Jane?

  • The elderly lives alone
  • The house has an internet connection
  • The family member caring for the elderly has a smartphone

Put your offer together

Jane Kit

  • 6 motions sensors
  • 3 SOS-buttons
  • 1 Jane Hub
/ one-time

Jane Service

  • Jane App
  • Smart habits analysis and warnings
/ month
6 months for free
6 months for free


€ 299

Why use Jane?

Living longer at home, without any worries.
With Jane, the elderly stays at home longer and is never really alone. Even if you can't go by every day, the app will tell you if everything is OK and whether you need to take action.
Freedom, for all
Your loved one can continue to enjoy life in his familiar home environment. You don't have to turn your life upside down to make sure everything goes well.
100% privacy
Jane only records movement and makes no sound nor video recordings. All data is highly secured and encrypted.
100% privacy guaranteed

Jane only records motions, no sound nor video recordings are made.